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Are you marrying me to be my Wife or a Mother?

A few days ago, i wrote on my blog about a potential utility based economic theory to try and explain why women and men do what they do? Interestingly enough I ran today into an article by the “no nonsense man” Marc Rudov himself which confirms several of my own thoughts earlier. In this article Marc discusses the controversial topic of whether the arrival of children generally results in reduced happiness in the marriage and recommends that spouses should not subordinate one another for their children but instead keep each other number 1 on their priority list.

He also postulates that Women marry to have legitimate children and receive financial support for themselves and those children. I believe this because women bring 70% of divorces. Men, on the other hand, given the highly expected financial and child-custody losses, take huge matrimonial risk because they genuinely want to be married and to have families. There’s no other way to explain the respective nuptial decisions of men and women.

read the entire article here

Also read this very insightful piece in the American law and economics review trying to explain why women are mostly divorce filers