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Vengeful Mothers: Are they in the Best Interests of the Child?

A UK Judge has said that “good fathers are powerless against vengeful mothers”. In this particular case, mother made false sexual abuse allegations, exhibited PA (parental alienation) behavior, and child subsequently exhibits PAS (parental alienation syndrome). Even though the courts find that the allegations are unfounded, the court decides that it would be in the best interests of the child to not see/spend time with DAD since it would be too stressful for her.


Can this judge and the family court system answer a few logical questions:

1. Is it in the best interests of the child long term to live with this vengeful mother? How so?

2. Why does the court not give sole custody to the father and prevent mother from seeing the child unless and until she stops her venomous behavior?

3. Is a parent’s abusive alienating behavior less¬†harmful for the child’s long term development and growth than NOT being with the mother?