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NRI’s need to take responsibility for their children

Having a child is a choice and it is a responsibility that the parents have to bear, not someone else, not even your parents. Too many NRI’s seem to rely on their folks back in India to raise their children.


“Hyderabad currently has over 1,000 such children who are US citizens by birth. Sources at the Telugu Association of North America (TANA), the largest body of American Telugus, say there could be over 5,000 such children in Andhra Pradesh. In the Greater Hyderabad area, a total of 1,510 US citizens are registered with the police out of which 70 per cent are children below four years. US passports apart, they hold persons of Indian origin cards”

As long as we continue to believe that marriages and children are something one needs to do at a certain stage in life but that children should not interfere with career and fun, we are doomed. Parents, especially fathers need to spend more time with their children, be actively involved in their upbringing, take the time out of work to participate in your child’s activities and influence the growth of your child. Don’t send them off to India to live with your parents until they are old enough to “not be a hassle”. That is shameful and such parents do not deserve to have children to begin with.

If such a father loses his children because of parental kidnapping, 498A don’t come a knocking talking about child rights and UNCRC because you are one that violated those in the first place


Indian Judiciary Needs a Global approach to solve international disputes over child custody

More and more separated NRI couples are taking advantage of India’s inability to resolve inter-country disputes over child custody