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An Economic Theory of Why Women do what they do?

Some women do real horrible things that are beyond belief. Take this example

  • Husband goes to war in Iraq
  • Wife cleans him out without his knowledge (forges his signature, takes out his money, buys a new house, sells the old house etc.)
  • files for divorce and takes custody of the chidren
  • husband comes back to devastation, homelessness, and penniless
  • courts do not convict wife, gets stayed sentence for check forgery
  • husband will likely lose custody of the children and husband will be asked to pay support

read the story here

Many women do this, stabbing husbands in the back and walking away w/ their kids for no apparent reason. Mostly women initiate this and husbands are the ones who hold out in hopes of reconciliation. WHY? Maybe the answer lies in utility theory, which postulates that people make choices in life that maximize their utility

  • The utility from marriage for women is in childbirth, raising the children, being loved by someone, and the money that the husband earns which helps run the family
  • Over time the utility of marriage decreases because children are born, they reach a certain age where they need not be cared for intensely, and love dwindles over time in most marriages unless BOTH husband and wife work hard to maintain it. The only utility that remains is from the money that husbands earn
  • The utility of the alternative (splitting up and taking the children and living with old parents or independently) increases over time especially if women can access the money (they steal some and the rest is granted to them by courts as child/spousal support
  • So why do husband’s hold out in the hope of reconciliation? Because most husbands go to work everyday and earn money for their family, so they can keep their wives happy and raise the kids to be honorable citizens. That is how they derive utility from the marriage and it does not decrease over time, in fact it increases over time as kids grow older, demands for money increase (kids have to go to college etc) and husbands work even harder to hold the family together
  • Now when the wife initiates divorce husbands find themselves stuck doing the job to pay child/spousal support, hardly get to see their kids, and have of course lost their wife, have suffered at the hands of the skeptical society that thinks they must have done some wrong etc. So the utility of the situation they are in is really really low and they are unable to find an alternative with higher utility. This is what also leads to SUICIDES

Hence it is imperative to keep the flame of love going since the utility of love for the woman has to be kept high–that is the only hope for men. The courts cannot provide love and love cannot be bought. OR men have to find an alternative with higher utility which is made extremely hard by the family court system and is especially hard when kids are involved.


Domestic Violence/Domestic Homicide on a Man? HAH!!

News reporter finds it funny that a man was stabbed in a domestic dispute. If a wife was stabbed by a husband, would we be amused? read story here

In the Clara Harris “murder by mercedes” case, the wife Clara repeatedly ran over David Harris as David’s daughter sat in the front seat, begging Clara not to kill her father.

The media on both the left and the right poured derision upon the murder victim, referring to David Harris as a “rat,” a “lying, cheating scumbag” and Clara Harris’ “unfaithful dog of a husband.” Commentator Susan Estrich asked, “Who could blame [Clara] for getting into her Mercedes and running him over?” and seemed a little sad that the Harris County criminal trial jury did. Conservative talk show host Joseph Farah penned a column entitled “Free Clara Harris!” in which he wrote, “I’d give her a medal. … She did the right thing. That creep deserved what he got.”

Even the prosecutor in the murder trial, Mia Magness, expressed her disgust, saying that Clara, instead of killing David by her own hand, should have “[done] like every other woman … get his house, car, kids — make him wish he were dead.”

The truth finally came from the mouth of a child, David’s daughter Lindsey who sat in the front seat.

what would have happened if david had run over clara????

read glenn sack’s article analyzing this story

How does the police react when a man calls them to complain of domestic violence? See Chris Titus’s funny but true routine

Men Evolving Badly

Vanity Fair’s piece on men pulls together several authoritative figures on gender issues and outlines the current state of men. Unfortunately the article ends with a men-have-everything/women-have-nothing mindset–“Keep in mind that the odds still favor the penis-bearer. The passport privileges of being a man have hardly been revoked. If anything, they’ve been super-ratified for roof entry to the helicopter pad.”

Still a good read however. read here

Advertisers: Men Are Not Idiots

The way the advertising industry portrays men has drawn increasing scrutiny in both the trade press and the mainstream media. Defenders of the status quo — in which men are depicted as irresponsible fathers and lazy, foolish husbands — are starting to feel outnumbered. It’s an understandable feeling.


To See some postive father child relationship ads see below

first choice slow motion hugs

father positive commercial from ford

at&t ad

Daddy’s little girl

Positive father son ad

Lifting women up means bringing men down??

Our culture cares more about saving whales than males — Dr. Warren Farrell



Sexism and Misogyny and its effects on men may explain male suicide

My father is 81 now, and 17 years ago, just after his retirement, I went with him and my mom to see the movie “The Doctor”. The theater was crowded, so I sat in a seat in the row directly in front of my mom and dad, and during the film, I heard this distinct sniffling behind me, and assumed it was my mom. As we left the theater, I noticed my dad’s eyes were all swollen and puffy.

I said: “Were you the one who was crying?”

He replied: “Yeah. I don’t know what it is. Ever since I retired, I just cry at almost anything . . . . . . . . It’s kind of a relief.”


Men Need to Rethink, Reprioritize to get out of the mess we are in

Most men have learned to define power as “feeling obligated to earn money that someone else spends while he dies sooner”. Real power is best defined as “control over our own lives”.

To be successful as a dad, it helps to be with children, but the “Father’s Catch-22″has been to receive the love of his family by being away from the love of his family (whether at work or at war).