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Torn by Distance, He wonders how far to take custody fight

Parents whose children are abducted internationally face very tough choices. Read the story of a father here who decided to give up the fight for the custody of his daughter because he felt that he should stay focused on what little he could control in his relationship with his daughter and his nightly phone calls to her and his quest for visitation rights abroad.

After reading this i think a lot depends on the woman involved. Unfortunately most shreemati 498A’s who abduct children are vengeant @#$%^& who are not rational and are out to sever all contact of the children with their fathers

This story is another example of a case where a US court ruled that the appropriate jurisdiction of the child custody dispute was in the country where the child had lived for more than 6 months. Apparently this was due to some international pact. Why can Indian courts not act in a similar way??