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Plea to the Indian Government for parental child abduction

Our children are our only hope for the future and we are duty bound to provide them hope for their present and for their future, I request the Indian Government to take the issue of parental abduction seriously and take the following steps immediately and concurrently:

A) Treat issues relating to parental child abduction with urgency and resolve expeditiously in Judiciary

  • When children are used as PAWNS in marital disputes, SEPARATE custody issue from other matters, give it PRECEDENCE over other matters, and FAST TRACK it – maximum 6 MOS. to resolution
  • Apply COMMONSENSE principles to define JURISDICTION based on “habitual and natural residence” and prevent FORUM SHOPPING

B) Ensure Judiciary Prevents Child Abuse and Maintains Contact

  • At FIRST hearing pass orders to ensure that child maintains CONTACT with left behind PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS
  • ENFORCE orders and PREVENT ABUSE by assigning licensed child psychologist and counselor to case and order BI-WEEKLY welfare visits and MANDATORY child counseling

C) Safeguard Child Rights

  • NCPCR should set up a SPECIAL INDEPENDENT COMMISSION immediately to investigate the VIOLATION of children’s rights under UNCRC in cases of parental child abduction
  • Submit REPORT & RECOMMENDATIONS within the next 6 MOS.

D) Make Parental Abduction a Crime

  • Parental abduction is a heinous CRIME and is tantamount to CHILD ABUSE of the worst kind
  • DETER abductions by treating it as a cognizable, non-bailable, non-compoundable CRIME

E) Sign the Hague Convention

  • Ensure prompt RETURN of children wrongfully removed to and retained in India
  • Ensure that rights of custody and of access under the LAW of NRI’s country are RESPECTED in India