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Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger: Parental Alienation Case

Many of you must have heard the nasty voice mail message that Alec Baldwin left for his daughter that was leaked to the press. Hear it below

Although this vmail can by no means be condoned the reality is that Kim Basinger has followed a systematic PARENTAL ALIENATION campaign for several years. And the reality is it becomes real hard for a father to keep up with this BS for too long and sooner or later something gives. There are several articles about Alec and Kim’s situation, read a few below from Glenn Sack’s blog

Alec’s video on the view

I defend Alec on CNN

Judge Judy opines on Baldwin

NOW scolds media for allowing Alec to talk about PA

Baldwin not the only culprit

Susan Estrich on Alec and PA

In defense of Alec

The Divorced Dad Volcano

“With Columbine and Virginia Tech, we asked “Why?” implying a collective responsibility for the male-style suicides shouting to be heard as massacres. Perhaps, if we ask “Why?” of Alec Baldwin with equal openness, we can understand the divorced dad volcano and defuse potential suicide-homicides that are not uncommon among divorced dads”Warren Farrell, Ph.D

Surprisingly, if shared parenting is impossible, the children are likely to do better when the primary parent is dad.

Glynnis Walker’s research found children of divorce almost five times as likely to say “only mom says bad things about dad” than vice versa