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Are you marrying me to be my Wife or a Mother?

A few days ago, i wrote on my blog about a potential utility based economic theory to try and explain why women and men do what they do? Interestingly enough I ran today into an article by the “no nonsense man” Marc Rudov himself which confirms several of my own thoughts earlier. In this article Marc discusses the controversial topic of whether the arrival of children generally results in reduced happiness in the marriage and recommends that spouses should not subordinate one another for their children but instead keep each other number 1 on their priority list.

He also postulates that Women marry to have legitimate children and receive financial support for themselves and those children. I believe this because women bring 70% of divorces. Men, on the other hand, given the highly expected financial and child-custody losses, take huge matrimonial risk because they genuinely want to be married and to have families. There’s no other way to explain the respective nuptial decisions of men and women.

read the entire article here

Also read this very insightful piece in the American law and economics review trying to explain why women are mostly divorce filers


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SUPPORT? is a film that covers the everyday issues of stress, family, struggle, and suffering that families experience when put through the detrimental, winding maneuvers of the Family Court systems, which are flooded with more cases than the labor force can handle or chooses NOT to handle.

Finally, a shocking documentary that exposes the truth! Hear what experts say about how some have figured out how to make money by emphasizing on divorce and child support issues between men and women through court orders. Parents are made to pay exorbitant amounts of money in exchange for their CREDIT, HOMES, BANK ACCOUNTS, and even their FREEDOM!

Corruption “It’s Billions of Dollars – It’s Far Beyond What The Mafia Ever Did”

Its About The Kids “Parental Suicide Does Go Up Five Times For Fit Parents That Are Removed From Their Children”

Divorce Is Ugly Business “Every County in America and Every State in America is Financially Incentivized to Ruin Families”

War Is Hell – Child Support Doesn’t Have To Be! “They (Military Reservists) go off to war and they have been paying child support based on an income they are no longer making”

Jahgirdar, Kumble and their wife: Is anyone thinking about the little girl?

Many have seen this case in the media over the years and followed it. However we may not have looked at it in its entirety

This case fascinates me because it seems to be a classic example of the stupidity of parents (in this case it seems the stupidity was initiated by the mom) who cannot rise above the pettiness of their squibbles over the child in the best interests of the child. It is also an example where the parents started out very rationally and logically but then things went downhill from there. This case is also a classic example where the child was a football, treated as such not only by the parents but also by the courts. It also seems to be an example where as far as custody of daughter is concerned, a woman does not need to resort to false allegations, helping daughter grow up during puberty is enough. Finally i think this case clearly shows that parents should not expect the courts to sort out their family problems for them but try their best to work out solutions themselves. Unfortunately divorce destroys the mind of both parents and they cannot talk and reason rationally with each other any more. This case also shows that Indian courts and law do not give two hoots about joint custody, the LAWS NEED TO CHANGE. In this particular case an order of joint custody was challenged and overturned in a very short period of time and this violation of justice never came up in any of the SC proceedings at all.

I have attached the relevant judgements here but here is a summary that proves my above points

1. Marriage dissolved by mutual consent in 1999

2. Both parents agree to be joint guardians and custodians with child shifting alternate weeks between both parents — STARTED OUT REALLY WELL, NO FALSE ALLEGATIONS

3. Mommy soon after marries Anil Kumble and starts filing in family court for permanent custody and for taking child abroad, possibly for cricket matches — WHAT HAPPENED, AGREES IN APRIL 1999 FOR JOINT AND IN A FEW MONTHS FILES FOR PERMANENT CUSTODY??

4. Family court agrees for child being taken abroad with certain conditions but does not change custody decree

5. Mom challenges family court order in HC who gives custody for one year to mom and visitation to Dad Jahgirdar–THIS IS WHEN THINGS START GOING DOWNHILL…..DID THE HC REALIZE THE IMPLICATIONS OF MODIFYING THE CUSTODY ORDER ON DAD?

6. Jahgirdar and mom each file for sole custody in family court and appeals HC order in Supreme court

7. In April 2001, SC decides not to overturn HC judgement, orders family court to decide expeditiously in 4 months and orders family court to not be influenced by the HC order which SC was not convinced was in the best interests of the child–IF SO WHY DID SC NOT OVERTURN IT, DOES IT EXPECT THE FAMILY COURT TO OVERTURN THE JUDGEMENT OF A HIGHER COURT?? DOES NOT MAKE SENSE

8. Family court in April 2002 gives custody to dad and visitation rights to mommy

9. In dec 2002 HC on appeal by mom gave custody to mom and visitation rights to dad

10. Dad appealed in SC again, In Jan 2004, SC did not overrule HC and felt that since child was near puberty being with mom was best. It however said that when mommy traveled abroad, child should stay with father.

11. Since then father has been fighting for custody in family courts.

12. In 2007 something happened during a visitation which led to the daughter filing a police complaint against the dad Jahgirdar (dad claims it is a false complaint) apprehending a threat to her life. read the news article here

13. Further the wife got a stay from the HC against permanent custody proceedings initiated by father in family court on the grounds of this being a mischevious application designed to disturb custody of the child. read the news article here




Enforcing child’s education by sending Dad to jail

BREAKING NEWS: After the outrage, judge saves face and DAD is released

A judge ordered the father to stay on top of his daughter’s education months ago and when that order wasn’t followed, Brian Gegner was sentenced to 180-days in the Butler County jail.

The daughter, Brittany Gegner, says her father shouldn’t be punished for her problems. Especially, she says because she’s now 18, an adult. “It’s ridiculously wrong,” said Brittany Gegner.

“Of all the punishments they could have given him, to make him go to jail?,” she asked. “I mean, probation – until I get my GED – would be reasonable, but to send him to jail? That’s overboard.”

read entire article here

Child’s wishes considered paramount by SC India

Paediatrician mommy kidnaps children but child tells judge she wants to stay with father. Lower courts grant custody to dad, mommy fights all the way to the Supreme court, tries to use all kinds of arguments (e.g. woman needed during puberty stage of child, parental alienation has made child say that she does not want to stay w/ mommy etc) but to no avail. Two key points in this case

1. child stated wish to stay w/ father

2. mom had not made any damaging allegations against father of child abuse

read judgement here

Hero Father gets custody after 5 years of battle in India

Congratulations to this hero father for not only getting custody of his children in their best interests but also for continuing to fight

He has lost more than 5 years with them which even the Good Lord cannot return but he has saved these innocent souls from the devastation they would have faced with their unfit mother

He has allowed the mother to have unrestricted visits with the children, hopefully he will monitor those and make them supervised to prevent further child abuse.

This is also a good case that shows the reasoned approach taken by the judge in the best interests of the child without exhibiting any form of gender bias

Read the judgement here

For all those single dads out there

Parenting is both the most difficult and the most rewarding profession on earth. It is riddled with a mixture of joy, sadness, and the constant worry that one of our children will end up being a game show host.

read the 7.3 secrets here

HERO Fathers vs. DESPICABLE Mothers


Father sacrifices life to save children from path of runaway car

A father gets gunned down saving his daughter

Father dies saving Daddy’s little girl

Father climbs through 5 mile canyon and dies trying to save family


Mom brags how she impersonated her 4 yr old to con ex into sending money for health spa

Mom jailed for trying to poison husband and child but father’s reaction is still somewhat mild

No Win Situation

If a man has an affair with a married woman and produces a child and proves it by DNA, is he the father? Apparently NO as decided recently by the Kentucky Supreme Court.

If the father gives up and does not pursue a relationship with his son, his son will only know of him as his villain dad who knocked up his mom and then ran out. If he does pursue his case–as he has–he’s vilified as the intruder wrecking a loving family’s peaceful life. So, where does he go from here???

read the story here

The same court is expected to rule in favor of a father in another case. This dad was married to a woman and they had a son who they raised. Upon divorce it was revealed to the father that he was not the biological father but he wanted custody and wanted to be dad and was granted the same by a lower court.

read that story here

Torn by Distance, He wonders how far to take custody fight

Parents whose children are abducted internationally face very tough choices. Read the story of a father here who decided to give up the fight for the custody of his daughter because he felt that he should stay focused on what little he could control in his relationship with his daughter and his nightly phone calls to her and his quest for visitation rights abroad.

After reading this i think a lot depends on the woman involved. Unfortunately most shreemati 498A’s who abduct children are vengeant @#$%^& who are not rational and are out to sever all contact of the children with their fathers

This story is another example of a case where a US court ruled that the appropriate jurisdiction of the child custody dispute was in the country where the child had lived for more than 6 months. Apparently this was due to some international pact. Why can Indian courts not act in a similar way??