I am a father who is desperately seeking to get back with his kids who he loves to death. My children were kidnapped by their malicious mother who is seeking vengeance by keeping the one thing that I love away from me, 1000’s of miles away. She has refused joint custody, has made outrageous allegations, is misusing gender biased laws to try and threaten me and my parents, has brainwashed my loves and tried desperately to turn them against me, has jumped jurisdictions to a foreign country, and is ignoring orders passed by the US courts which was her home for the last 14 years. Her behavior is akin to “Dadagiri”. Time will only tell whether I get justice or not, I hope it is not too late since every day that goes by is a day with my sweethearts that is lost for ever…Even the Good Lord cannot return that to me and them

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  1. In this case… it is he kidnapped my child > filed false cases > brainwashed my little daughter of 10 (then) and spread mallicious lies about me. Now is not allowing me to even speak, forget see my daughter. Cases have been pending in the Bangalore courts for the past two and a half years.

  2. try what u can, u owe it to yr kids! are u in India?

  3. Boss you are already an inspiration.

    I think it is all a quetion of
    “If you want something . . . go get it, If something needs to be done . . . just do it”

    If your children need you . . . you have to get them – or get to meet them – so do what is needed to be done and ALL THE BEST!

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