NRI Parents with Kids, Beware!

If you are an NRI married to a woman whose permanent home is not in the country you reside in, have children, and you are seeing any signs whatsoever of issues in your marriage, YOU NEED TO ACT FAST to prevent the international parental abduction of your children.

What do i mean by need to act fast? Get a court order to prevent the abduction, have the court rule that passports should be kept in a safe place and accessible only by both parents consent, and once you have the court order ensure that the immigration authorities enter the likely kidnapper’s name in a database so that if the kidnapper tries to leave the country they are apprehended immediately

Remember, prevention is better than cure

There are zillions of cases where parents did not do this and now are suffering. Once a child leaves the jurisdiction of the country you are in, the arms of law become very weak. If the child is kidnapped to a country that is not a signatory to the Hague convention treaty (e.g. India), you’re screwed.

It is not easy to convince the courts but do not give up, get a good lawyer and push the court hard to ensure the order is given


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