HERO Fathers vs. DESPICABLE Mothers


Father sacrifices life to save children from path of runaway car

A father gets gunned down saving his daughter

Father dies saving Daddy’s little girl

Father climbs through 5 mile canyon and dies trying to save family


Mom brags how she impersonated her 4 yr old to con ex into sending money for health spa

Mom jailed for trying to poison husband and child but father’s reaction is still somewhat mild


2 responses to “HERO Fathers vs. DESPICABLE Mothers

  1. the mothers only get child because of the law otherwise they are not good monthers. they can only provide butritious breast milk to child only for 1 yr and then the child itself no longer needs her. The father is a best single parent.

  2. There cannot be unifomity in granting the custody after the age of sucling ends. Fathers may also be closely bonded with the children and often have resources more than the mothers. each case should be decided on its individuality rather than the pre-judiced gender concept

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