Domestic Violence/Domestic Homicide on a Man? HAH!!

News reporter finds it funny that a man was stabbed in a domestic dispute. If a wife was stabbed by a husband, would we be amused? read story here

In the Clara Harris “murder by mercedes” case, the wife Clara repeatedly ran over David Harris as David’s daughter sat in the front seat, begging Clara not to kill her father.

The media on both the left and the right poured derision upon the murder victim, referring to David Harris as a “rat,” a “lying, cheating scumbag” and Clara Harris’ “unfaithful dog of a husband.” Commentator Susan Estrich asked, “Who could blame [Clara] for getting into her Mercedes and running him over?” and seemed a little sad that the Harris County criminal trial jury did. Conservative talk show host Joseph Farah penned a column entitled “Free Clara Harris!” in which he wrote, “I’d give her a medal. … She did the right thing. That creep deserved what he got.”

Even the prosecutor in the murder trial, Mia Magness, expressed her disgust, saying that Clara, instead of killing David by her own hand, should have “[done] like every other woman … get his house, car, kids — make him wish he were dead.”

The truth finally came from the mouth of a child, David’s daughter Lindsey who sat in the front seat.

what would have happened if david had run over clara????

read glenn sack’s article analyzing this story

How does the police react when a man calls them to complain of domestic violence? See Chris Titus’s funny but true routine

One response to “Domestic Violence/Domestic Homicide on a Man? HAH!!

  1. News reporter and the editor should experience this fun.

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