Maternal Filicide is Thriving

How many times have we seen this story repeat itself? How many children have to be killed before someone takes notice? When will we have a law that will allow a father to raise red flags against the mother with the authorities? How long will it be before the judiciary learns to accept that moms are not the obvious choice for taking care of the children?

Several reasons abound for why maternal filicide happens: severe post partum depression, poverty etc. In fact there is even a term called “altruistic maternal filicide” where mother kills children out of her love for them. WOW!!

“A depressed housewife smothered her 22-month-old son to death before hanging herself at her parental house on 7th Main, 7th Cross, Kanakapalya, Jayanagar II Block, in Siddapura police limits in the early hours of Saturday” read the story here

Nurse kills two children, attempts suicide, read story here

Mother Held for daughter’s murder, read story here

Indian Mother tries to Murder Newborn baby, read story here

Mother and children dead from murder-suicide fire, read story here

Mother murders child and gets treated like queen in jail, read story here

Pediatric nurse kills her children, read story here

Woman poisons, three children and herself, read here

Mom throws her child off the fourth floor, read here

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