Daddy Songs

I’d been hearing the song “Memphis, Tennessee” by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and others for decades without ever realizing what Berry, the song’s author, was talking about. It’s actually a divorced dad song about a father’s severed relationship with his 6-year-old girl, Marie.

Lyrics here

Country singer Doug Supernaw’s “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” is a moving song about an economically strained divorced dad trying to maintain his relationship with his little son. The ending is bittersweet.

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Sting’s “I’m so happy i can’t stop crying” shows how painful a routine divorce is for so many fathers

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Toby Keith’s Who’s That Man? is one of the most powerful songs about divorced dads ever written

Lyrics here

I love the last lines of country singer Tim McGraw’s song “Grown Men Don’t Cry.”

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Another is his 2006 song My Little Girl. McGraw has three young daughters. As I’m sure is true for many of you, McGraw’s lyrics above are pretty much a perfect description of my relationship with my little daughter. “You’ve had me wrapped around your finger since the day you were born”–yup, that’s about it.

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In his 2004 song Do You Want Fries With That?, McGraw sympathetically examines the raw deal given many divorced fathers. 

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Country singer Craig Morgan has a powerful song about a post-divorce move-away called Every Friday Afternoon. It captures the way the move-away is often a devastating blow to the post-divorce father-child relationship.

Lyrics Here

Watch video here

Another good divorced dad song is Trace Adkins’ I’m Tryin’-. Shows the hardship of dads and their treatment as a free ATM machine

Lyrics here

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