Successfully fighting PAS

PAS is unfortunately a reality that most people (doctors, lawyers, judiciary, parents) do not understand. But past experience has shown that there are specific actions that parents can take to overcome PAS and minimize the impact on children



One response to “Successfully fighting PAS

  1. I’m lucky to be the first. I haven’t seen my daughter since 1995. I’ve had about 6 phone conversations, and about 20 emails that I don’t even know are her. The latter ones were very disturbing for a 14 yr. old. Very adult material that her father told her, and I wouldn’t ever dream of speaking to any of my kids about such adult issues. It hurts because she was never given a chance to see me, or get to know me, and when I finally found her, she thinks I abandoned her. I feel like she hates me… And fighting about it with her father is useless because he turns everything around to fit his story, then tells her what he wants her to hear. I don’t know how many times I’ve been made to answer to something that I didn’t say or do! What is wrong with parents that are so bitter that they will destroy anything that their child might have with the other parent, and they don’t even care about the child’s feelings. I feel like I am constantly made to back down b/c when I stand up to him, he turns it on me.

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