Single Moms? Single Dads? NO we need SHARED PARENTING

Despite the challenges, PARENTING is a responsibility more and more men are today willing to shoulder. In fact, even adoptions by single men are on the rise and it is indeed heartening to see men ready to take on the role of the nurturer.


One response to “Single Moms? Single Dads? NO we need SHARED PARENTING

  1. A BIG PROBLEM I see here in Iowa is that “Fathers” have NO RIGHTS! As I have been told by Asstant Attorney General Gary J Otting, “sorry you can’t afford an attorney, so you are not aloud in coutr”, then stated ” we will continue to take “child support”, and if you continue to persue this issue we will take more by “default”. The “issue” being, I want a paternity test done to prove I am the Father!! I have been WILLFULLY REFUSED!! Senitor Grassly (Iowa) “I can not get involved with peoples problems”. As a vetrean of 14 years I have met many “brothers” who have been REFUSED their RIGHTS in a country that we gave our lives for, what we got in return shame, punisment for wanting to be a Father and benifits we EARNED as vets (one man has been fighting to get his daughters RAPIST put in jail for 6 years now!!!!! Yes the “government” knows).They REFUSE to do anything because he “owes child support”Hell NO I don’t want my kid killing people who whis to be FREE, when he can kill the dictators in this country.
    Can you help me and others get our Rights in view of we are unable to afford an attorney, or are you like the “goverment” in iowa nothin’ but cowards?

    Gary B. Smith
    1329 S Lincoln st lot#23
    Knoxville Iowa 50138

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