FIGHT the 3 judicial biases against Moms, Dads and Kids

MYTH 1: amid the instability of divorce, children are best stabilized by staying in the home they are accustomed to with the parent who has been the primary parent.

Reality: One parent stability is psychologically destabilizing

MYTH 2: Even if judges believe children do best with both parents, but if they must live with one, mom is given the edge.

Reality: Children brought up by dad are more likely to do better psychologically, physically, academically and socially than those brought up by mom.

 MYTH 3: “If-the-couple-is-in-conflict-joint-custody-will-not-work”

 Reality: The more the conflict, though, the more important it is for the child to see both parents about equally, because conflict leaves the child vulnerable to feeling that the parent it does not see has abandoned it– does not love her or him. The less the child sees a parent the easier it is form a negative and caricatured stereotype of the unseen parent that leads to the child feeling negative about that half of her or himself.



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