No Extradition Results in Re-abduction

Kidnapping a child from the US by one of the parents is a CRIME that is punishable by law. However when the kidnapping happens to a foreign nation, especially one that is not a signatory to the Hague convention, then the criminal has essentially jumped jurisdictions and is beyond the reach of US law.

There are procedures in place that the US has with several countries (extradition treaties and the like) which allow for justice to be served when a criminal has jumped jurisdictions. However the experience in parental abduction cases has been dismal.

In situations like this, some left behind parents have resorted to re-abducting the children. Most of the left behind parents who have tried this and been successful are mommies. Some of them have realized amazing results in a very short period of time (CLICK TO READ A RECENT STORY)

At the end of the day the child/children are still left without one parent and have become pawns in the battle between two warring parents who cannot seem to act maturely and settle their differences like the adults they are. Is this in the “best interests of the child”? Obviously NOT, but NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE

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